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Monday, July 5, 2010

The Bear Necessities

In todays sticker clad acrobatic, skate inspired, surf circus matters of style are often over looked. Now before you go and use words like bitter or opinionated cockroach longdogger; we're not saying modern surfing isn't stylish. Aerials can look just as smooth as any other maneuvers when executed by some one who as a firm grasp on the importance of surfing basics before trying their next "passion pop" (seriously how lame are the names of surf tricks).
One of the most crucial style missiles in any sliders arsenal, whether over nine foot or under six, is the bottom turn. Without it properly executing noserides, hacks, or aerials is about as realistic as you dancing the polka with Big-foot and the Easter Bunny while your Buddy scores the Tooth Fairy's digits using his best Jersey Shore pick up lines.
So... with that rant being tightly wrapped up in an absurd metaphor..... we here at your friendly neighborhood production company would like to sit back and appreciate the simpler things in life.

Haire Bear....... Phil Edwards would be proud

All Photos Sir Robert Williams The Bloodiest of Pikeys

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tasty Tid Bits & and extra Loggular inquires

It seems to us that the Nations Oldest city is stuffed to the gills with more talent then a Spanish Galleon had Gold Doubloons. At any given moment somewhere within the city built by Treasure Hungry murderers a session is going down. In an attempt to showcase this 21st century plundering the production company's resident diabolical lens snipper has been looting its coffers in an attempt to arrange a full feature. Drew Milleienstien has been faithfully stitching together a monstrous body of work. Here is a tasty tid bit of his vision. It appears that the project will-have bolts in its neck ready to deliver a jolt to your stoke-o-meters by Sept. 2010.


Recently Oldest City Native Torrey "The Rad Hatter" Coates accompanied a Gigantic Grommet, Full Time Pizza Mechanic, and their Grinchly friend, to a coquina laden beach on the aquamarine side of town..........

New Recruit into the Pivot Fin Army TJ

Pizza Time's Own Chris Fowler

Goon Curl Toes Will Travel

Grinchly Foot Drag

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Greatest Moments of My Life......

Surfing with my son is without a doubt one of the greatest experiences of my life.... Huge mahalo to Good Ol' boy Matt Dubbs...... E-Brother style for days. Jr. ripping pops out of the water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fiberglass Runways Host a Mustache Fashion Show

A few of the Oldest City's die hard toe curling fanatics have gotten their mitts on some custom aquatic sidewalks handcrafted by the Dirtona Dwellers of The Peninsula Holding Company. Last Saturday offered up some sectiony little salt water speed bumps so we here at the production company took to the atlantic (before BP ruins it for everyone) and slid our brains out. Great boards are even radder when they are made by good friends, and fitted with one of a kind fins crafted from broken skate decks. Personally, for me, the Peninsula Holding Company lamp tail slider is the go to noseriding vessel for summer time log jams. During this little gem Surf Station's Rachel Bardin captured some sliding by Matt Fotte on his Chad Doyle shaped "Mustache Rider".

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

High Tide Haunts and Coquina Encrusted Shore Pound

There is an infamous high tide surf destination here in the Oldest City; favorite to life long residents and Flagler College enrollees alike. Nine times out of ten: rumors abound and delusions of grander cause a mass exodus from Anastasia Island. Meanwhile Vilano is over run by a marauding squadron of hungry surfers like red army ants to a picnic basket. The waves are short, punchy, and guaranteed to deliver a coquina shell crevice infusion that will take weeks to properly filter, but hey at least the paddle out is short. Well heres to you Vilano, and the ever so rare gem that is an uncrowded afternoon session with friends.

Raddicus Hatticus snapped a few shots of A Red Headed Rocker, Recent Australian Tourist, and Grinchy Physh rider enjoying some coquina encrusted shore pound.

Jacob Hamilton...That Board Only Has One Fin!!!!!!

Rachel B.

The Grinchly Tinted Green Physh

All shots Torrey Coates

Monday, May 24, 2010

Loggin good Surf Zombies bad.......

With so many pros embracing the ride anything movement more and more surfers are picking up logs for the first time. Now we here at the production company feel the need to clarify: a log is over nine feet, has one fin and is never used for hopping, scooting, kitty petting, Jersey stomping, leash wearing, or any other heinous representation of super slowed down half turned mock shortboarding. Logs are used for NOSERIDING!!!!! And are best suited to waves under shoulder high! Sure other maneuvers are fun and certainly well suited to single fin trim tankers, but lets face it... when riding a proper log nothing beats taking all ten of your little piggies to market!!!! Logging should be logging, trust me "high performance longboarders", the punt brigade here in the oldest city doesn't need your assistance.

This Little video really captures the spirit of logging: good friends marginally fun waves ( by you average thruster toting surf zombies standard) and a complete and utter fantastic way to waste your time. Rachel Bardin captures Pivot Fin Army lens sniper Drew miller curling his toes while sampling some finely groomed left hand Sliders.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Matt Dubb Big Tires small Cameras

Matt Dubb takes xray photos to pay the bills and rolls around the Oldest City in an A -Teamesque jeep. Here he used a microgopro cam to capture The Grinch who stole Waldo's Shirt. Thanks Dubbers