Monday, May 24, 2010

Loggin good Surf Zombies bad.......

With so many pros embracing the ride anything movement more and more surfers are picking up logs for the first time. Now we here at the production company feel the need to clarify: a log is over nine feet, has one fin and is never used for hopping, scooting, kitty petting, Jersey stomping, leash wearing, or any other heinous representation of super slowed down half turned mock shortboarding. Logs are used for NOSERIDING!!!!! And are best suited to waves under shoulder high! Sure other maneuvers are fun and certainly well suited to single fin trim tankers, but lets face it... when riding a proper log nothing beats taking all ten of your little piggies to market!!!! Logging should be logging, trust me "high performance longboarders", the punt brigade here in the oldest city doesn't need your assistance.

This Little video really captures the spirit of logging: good friends marginally fun waves ( by you average thruster toting surf zombies standard) and a complete and utter fantastic way to waste your time. Rachel Bardin captures Pivot Fin Army lens sniper Drew miller curling his toes while sampling some finely groomed left hand Sliders.

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