Wednesday, May 26, 2010

High Tide Haunts and Coquina Encrusted Shore Pound

There is an infamous high tide surf destination here in the Oldest City; favorite to life long residents and Flagler College enrollees alike. Nine times out of ten: rumors abound and delusions of grander cause a mass exodus from Anastasia Island. Meanwhile Vilano is over run by a marauding squadron of hungry surfers like red army ants to a picnic basket. The waves are short, punchy, and guaranteed to deliver a coquina shell crevice infusion that will take weeks to properly filter, but hey at least the paddle out is short. Well heres to you Vilano, and the ever so rare gem that is an uncrowded afternoon session with friends.

Raddicus Hatticus snapped a few shots of A Red Headed Rocker, Recent Australian Tourist, and Grinchy Physh rider enjoying some coquina encrusted shore pound.

Jacob Hamilton...That Board Only Has One Fin!!!!!!

Rachel B.

The Grinchly Tinted Green Physh

All shots Torrey Coates

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