Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fiberglass Runways Host a Mustache Fashion Show

A few of the Oldest City's die hard toe curling fanatics have gotten their mitts on some custom aquatic sidewalks handcrafted by the Dirtona Dwellers of The Peninsula Holding Company. Last Saturday offered up some sectiony little salt water speed bumps so we here at the production company took to the atlantic (before BP ruins it for everyone) and slid our brains out. Great boards are even radder when they are made by good friends, and fitted with one of a kind fins crafted from broken skate decks. Personally, for me, the Peninsula Holding Company lamp tail slider is the go to noseriding vessel for summer time log jams. During this little gem Surf Station's Rachel Bardin captured some sliding by Matt Fotte on his Chad Doyle shaped "Mustache Rider".

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