Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tasty Tid Bits & and extra Loggular inquires

It seems to us that the Nations Oldest city is stuffed to the gills with more talent then a Spanish Galleon had Gold Doubloons. At any given moment somewhere within the city built by Treasure Hungry murderers a session is going down. In an attempt to showcase this 21st century plundering the production company's resident diabolical lens snipper has been looting its coffers in an attempt to arrange a full feature. Drew Milleienstien has been faithfully stitching together a monstrous body of work. Here is a tasty tid bit of his vision. It appears that the project will-have bolts in its neck ready to deliver a jolt to your stoke-o-meters by Sept. 2010.


Recently Oldest City Native Torrey "The Rad Hatter" Coates accompanied a Gigantic Grommet, Full Time Pizza Mechanic, and their Grinchly friend, to a coquina laden beach on the aquamarine side of town..........

New Recruit into the Pivot Fin Army TJ

Pizza Time's Own Chris Fowler

Goon Curl Toes Will Travel

Grinchly Foot Drag

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