Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thank You Jesus For Warm Water and Shredible Situations

This winter was cooooold to say the least. Tootsies froze, spirits dampened, and even we here at your friendly neighborhood production company were not immune to the bone chilling - stoke draining- chill that plagued Our fair Verona during the fledging months of 2010. But wait, put down those viles of shred poison you star crossed mutha's. The Florida Sun has thrown off the frigid Northern Quilts woven by dreary skies and barely rideable surf and returned our beloved swamp to all its hot humid glory. As the temperatures rise rubber and flannel have given way to baggies and Tee's. That's right sucka break out your best squeeter spray, slide your heaviest loggular surf craft, and be prepared for midnight helpings of flip tricks and applesauce ( because skating during the 90 degree days will cause you to melt!) SUMMERS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!! AND IT DIDN"T COME A MOMENT TOO SOON!!!!

All Snaps Netted by The Rad Hatter Torrey Coates

Haire Bear Framed by Cockroach Alley Rusty Senturies

Grinchy Heels

Goof Troop Explores The Statosphere

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